My Raven Heart.


Photo by Tracy Grumbach.

My Raven Heart.

You’re twisting me
Turning back time on me;
Anti clock…..wise
Unspinning the earth for me,
Writing its orbit-uary.

I am am a background
Believe in me
Please don’t just
See the dark in me.

You’re turning me
Screwin’ me
Undoing me
Tapping me
Revealing the raven’s heart in me.

I need you to see
The best of me;
Cleanse me,
Embalm me,
Release me.

dVerse, Poetics again with Brian Miller who has invited Tracey Grumbach to allows us to write about her beautiful photography..


Her Beautiful Face.

My friend, her gorgeous face does shine,
A face I long to hold to mine,
To steel a quick forbidden kiss
Behind her man I stand in line!

When gone, a beat my heart does miss
And when returned the glow is bliss,
Her face turned up toward the sun
I’m floating, falling in love’s abyss.

Falling, floating, I am undone,
Into a web that she has spun
Just like these words which are for fun,
Our platonic friendship’s just begun!

I will not walk willingly (into your cold embrace).

I will not walk willingly into your cold embrace
And leave my soul upon the sand.

I have not the shoulders to bare your white horses
Or eyes to see the mottled view of life above.

I will not be drawn by the sigh of your siren song,
Or move toward the beckoning of your shadows.

I have seen myths and tales decide the fate of man,
With thoughts that build a prison of ideas;

Our splintered consciousness can be the turn of key
That makes LIFE a distant, pretty view.

So here we are again-
Come, breathe your snarling emptiness upon me,

And I will reach for Aphrodite’s hand;
To rest my weary bones upon her breast,
And she will sing to me her sweetest lullaby

The girl on the tube

Obsidian mascara eyes
Flutter into space,
Looking down, demure
At tan, retro shoes.

She’s from the silver screen,
She’s joined with her twin
She’s like “OMG
I just love him.”

She’s talking history, talking school,
She’s like federal government
From her bed,
She’s alive, really alive
And she dont know it
Little rich girl;
Then she’s gone.