There’s nothing like a crisis.

The ‘banking crisis’ was long overdue,

There was endless rhetoric, but our governments knew.

We’d borrowed too much,

The Euro was injured, and we were the crutch.


I was an architect designing life

But times were hard and redundancies rife.

I’d found beauty in building communities,

The future design of life in big cities.


I found myself looking for work

Trawling through the unempoyment murk.

The tyre factory took me in

Noise and hell-fire to make your head spin.


I’d drift off in to a world of my own

Away from machines back under my stone.

But blinding pain soon awoke me

My arm and creativity torn from me……

(Inpired by the great works of Brian Miller and Natasha Head)

(C) 2012 all rights reserved Monty Grant Poetry.



Hourglass and Rainbows

 Warm sand pouring through my fingers,
Like grains of life descending in an hour glass;
Go with the flow, I’m told.
Stand atop the transient dunes,
And watch the adventure unravel-
But I’m inside, tumbling over and over,
Never knowing which way is up or down
Gasping for a life less ordinary,
Determining the future by analysing
Drops of blood, sweat or tears from the past.
I’m deconstructing time…..
Twisting the kaleidoscope
Revealing every grain, every star,
All of me, all of you;
What was, what is and what will be.
So love’s storm has often left me blind
But I see you….
Enchanting, behind your silken screen
Of evening’s misty sky;
Your refracted light pierces
My rain of prism tears-
And I’m addicted to every layer
Every colour of your rainbow.
The warm sands still pour through my fingers;
I’m free to live again…..

As we sit and watch the world

From my hourglass.

Hanging on the Telephone.

Brrrr, brrrr,
Brrrr, Brrrr
“Hello, you have reached
Technotrash automated troubleshooting service.
If your Technotrash life-robot has malfunctioned, press1.
If your Technotrash life-robot has disobeyed, press 2.
If your Technotrash life-robot caused harm to human life, press 3.”

*Presses 3*

“Thank you for your call
All our operators are busy dealing with other customers,
Your call is important to us,
You are currently number 8 in the queue;
We are experiencing unexpectedly high levels if calls,
Please hold, or call back later.”


Austerity twists in the lock;
The wringing click, click;
The finality, turning the key.
Open your hearts to the
Cries of inequality.
Can’t you smell in the air
The stench of confinement?
Authority slams the door
Of poverty’s cage,
Full to capacity with our
Forgotten children.

Jailer, we’re dying in here
Why am I wearing this crown of thorns?
Don’t use authority’s spear
Just talk to us blood
Dispense the confusion
Do we not have a heart?
Are we not human?
Give us the freedom we need
To make a contribution.
Too late man, you’re too far removed
We’re at breaking point
And you too numb to be moved.
I raise my shield, I’m breaking out
You ain’t listening, you can’t hear our shout,
Well hear this mother fucker
Put this fire out.
Listen to the breaking glass,
It ain’t the answer,
But you too detached to ask.

The punishment should be severe;
We will take a no tolerance approach
To these animals.
If you have caused damage,
Let fires rage,
Attacked the property of others,
We will find you,
You will be evicted from your homes,
You will be incarcerated,
You will be ostracized.

Thanks for nothin, Tory scum,
You can’t comprehend the damage you’ve done;
You lit the fire, not me, not my brothers.
You can’t govern with lies,
You should have saved our mothers,
Years before now, a generation lost,
There’s people’s lives at stake, look at the cost.
Westminster is where you reside;
In your palace you and your type can hide.
Don’t presume you can plan my life,
I want to be free to live full of pride.
Where do we go from here?
We need a dialogue,
Lend me your ear.
We’re calm for now, suppressed,
But we will rise, we will not rest.