Hourglass and Rainbows

 Warm sand pouring through my fingers,
Like grains of life descending in an hour glass;
Go with the flow, I’m told.
Stand atop the transient dunes,
And watch the adventure unravel-
But I’m inside, tumbling over and over,
Never knowing which way is up or down
Gasping for a life less ordinary,
Determining the future by analysing
Drops of blood, sweat or tears from the past.
I’m deconstructing time…..
Twisting the kaleidoscope
Revealing every grain, every star,
All of me, all of you;
What was, what is and what will be.
So love’s storm has often left me blind
But I see you….
Enchanting, behind your silken screen
Of evening’s misty sky;
Your refracted light pierces
My rain of prism tears-
And I’m addicted to every layer
Every colour of your rainbow.
The warm sands still pour through my fingers;
I’m free to live again…..

As we sit and watch the world

From my hourglass.



  1. brian miller said,

    May 20, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    nice…some really cool thoughts in this one…i think we all see life a bit through our hourglass….i have also swung both ways on the pendulum of take it easy and make it happen and i think the truth falls somewhere in between…not an original thought but…thanks for the great comment man…

  2. claudia said,

    May 21, 2012 at 4:22 am

    love the image of watching from inside the hourglass and the rain of prism tears – sometimes not easy to decide on how to look at things…just watching and letting the adventure unravel – i tend to think and ponder too much, take things too serious…so…i try to climb that dunes…smiles

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