Put down your book,
Lay your head upon my chest
And talk with me a while.
Can you feel the age-old comfort
Of my touch on your shoulders
And see happiness
In the lines around my eyes,
Which have appeared
On or long journey of smiles.
Although our hands are old
Our fingers still intuitively entwine;
Soul mates until we close our eyes forever.


My Raven Heart.


Photo by Tracy Grumbach.

My Raven Heart.

You’re twisting me
Turning back time on me;
Anti clock…..wise
Unspinning the earth for me,
Writing its orbit-uary.

I am am a background
Believe in me
Please don’t just
See the dark in me.

You’re turning me
Screwin’ me
Undoing me
Tapping me
Revealing the raven’s heart in me.

I need you to see
The best of me;
Cleanse me,
Embalm me,
Release me.

dVerse, Poetics again with Brian Miller who has invited Tracey Grumbach to allows us to write about her beautiful photography..

The Look

In one look

You passed me your silent gift;

It was all the sunrises

And sunsets in an instance.

Your face, the first blossom

Of spring

Raised a fire in my heart;

A glance that altered

My existence,

But the world remained

In stasis.

The look

Which realigned the universe

Put time in it’s rightful place

For that moment;

Is mine

Though I cannot touch it

It’s forever with me

In my heart.

Old Friend

You left me while I slept old friend;
I dreamed a dream that did not warn me
When you replaced our gift with an ugly box
Filled with bad feelings,
And the colour of my words were
Changed from kind to black
In the twisted channels from
My mouth to God!
Kindness became a sin somehow
Although debt and lack of love
Were the real evil.
But in your blindness you walked
Toward the light-
Tread carefully old friend;
I hope that light was not fire.

Dedicated to a lost friend. F.

(C). 2012. Andrew Grant. All rights reserved.

stained glass eyes.

My physical form was
Suspended in surface tension;

And my spirit floated
On heaven’s eternal waters;

Admiring God’s design
Mouth a forbidden worship;

Mezmerised by whispered prayer,
Like dust captured in a sun beam.

Words as sweet as wine
Washed a blessing over me.

There sits an open book
Seen through stained glass eyes;

With lines too small to read-
A story I shall never know;

Offered up to heaven
In the closing of a door.

My Divine Sun

She is the sun and I the earth.

At the centre, through mathematical

Unconscious precision, chaotic accidental collision.

Particles of endless time attached

Through an infinite love;

Attracted by incomprehensible forces of nature.

She is me, and I her; my unpredictable accomplice.

Ninety million miles apart

But her touch is ever present.

She has sustained me from before time;

With her immeasurable power and energy.

She is the light on my face, the smile in my soul

And the fearsome forces flowing through my heart.

My Amazon, my Nile.

Our love is beyond time, outside of time

A different understanding of time;

On a scale immeasurable by

The science of men searching for ‘truth.’

Her light, my darkness, me, you-

Revolving, evolving, glowing, growing-

Hot, cold, smiling, raging,

Saving, destroying, healing, breaking,

Learning and teaching.

Dance in her light, like me

Victim of her inescapable beauty.

I am eternally transfixed, sustained,

Passionately grateful for our accidental bond.

(C) 2011. Andrew Grant. All right reserved.